søndag 3. mars 2013


For some obvious reason I’ll write this blog in English.

After months of just talking, a bit of planning and a lot of blog reading, we have colour ringed Norway’s first coot!

A001 after three cold hours of waiting.

We use green rings with white code. All starting with the letter A and 3 numbers. As a start we’ll ring wintering birds in Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo. But if breading pairs and youngsters are going after bread, anything will happen...
As most other colour ringing projects in Norway this coots, and moorhens, are reportable on ringmerking.no

With my limited experience this guys are not as easy to age as it seems from literature.

Leg colour on this one looks like a second year bird, but we can’t find any white or light grey feathers in breast and belly. His eyes are nice and red.

As always, we need some more samples to get our eyes in!

Big thanks to Kane for everything along the way!

Evenings are getting longer, the first migrating greylag geese are back at Østensjøvannet, spring is here!

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